Neal Baer Collection

Cédric Rivrain

Bouche fermée (Autoportrait) / Closed Mouth (Self-Portrait)


Oil on canvas

11 3/4 x 9 1/2 in / 30 x 24 cm

Image courtesy of the artist and Fitzpatrick Gallery, Paris

Cédric Rivrain (b. 1977, Limoges) lives and works in Paris. Before turning to painting, Rivrain worked as a fashion illustrator for many years and produced a body of drawings focused on portraiture. He continued this interest in portraiture in his painting practice, which presents its subjects – often friends– in an intimate manner (many appear naked or in underwear). Both his formal style and strategy builds on the portrait work of Sylvia Sleigh. Rivrain’s realism is inflected by a queerness, from heteronormative and non-heteronormative sitters, humans and animals. His subjects also frequently engage with mechanical or technological objects (e.g. a friend posing in front of an air conditioner, a swan regarding a power strip, a monkey hanging on a lightbulb).    

Closed Mouth (Self-portrait) is emblematic of this dandy realism, the artist’s mouth held mute with a dainty blue ribbon, reminiscent of the 17th century flower garland paintings of Daniel Seghers and the 18th century French rococo portraits by Boucher and Vigée-Lebrun. While Rivrain has not frequently exhibited self-portraits, a similarly small-scaled self-portrait from 2022 depicted the artist with his mouth slight agape.


Fitzpatrick Gallery, Paris


Cédric Rivrain,”Poussière,” Fitzpatrick Gallery in Los Angeles, February 24, 2024 – March 3, 2024

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